Engineering Solutions for Industries
and Energy Companies

Years of experience in developing solutions for the Energy and Industrial segments.

Business Units

Our focus is to provide engineering and technology solutions for the energy and industrial segments.


Mining, oil & gas, pulp and paper, heavy metal/foundry, agribusiness, electronics and automotive.

Energy Companies

Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Energy

Our Projects and Services

PWM carries out not only consultancy but also all the elaboration of projects involving power and industrial electrical systems.


We develop projects for Industrial Electrical Installations, Advanced Infrastructure for Energy Measurement (AMI), Medium and High Voltage Substations and Transmission Lines.

Automation of

We develop automation systems for electrical power systems, from RTAC SEL® supervisory systems, IEC 61850 networks, dedicated communications to commissioning.


We prepare electrical studies of power quality, protection coordination and selectivity, electromechanical stability, power flow, short circuit, insulation coordination and incident energy (Arc Thermal Performance Value - ATPV).


We carry out tests of equipment and installations of power systems up to 500 kV, ranging from Radio Interference measurements in Substations and Transmission Lines, equipment belonging to the basic operation of the Smart Grid, as well as the commissioning of protection systems.


We elaborate electrical studies for Smart Grid systems, involving from the conception of new computational models, study of transmission line energization, power flow, short circuit, Current Transmission (CT) saturation, protection coordination and selectivity, power quality of insulation coordination study.

Protection, Control and

We commission protection, control and supervision systems to ensure the safety of the electrical system. In addition, PWM has its own substation protection and automation laboratory, containing protection relays from different manufacturers, relay test cases and simulators for parameter and database validation.

Our Differential

High Technical Experience We have years of experience developing large projects and technical studies for the energy and industrial segments.

Trust and flexibility We adopt high standards of quality, review and security of project information. We provide personalized consultancy for each client, understanding their needs in depth and delivering solutions tailored to their needs.

Resources and Infrastructure We have a complete infrastructure involving the use of computational resources with renowned software for the preparation of studies and projects, SKM PTW, ATP Draw, AutoCAD 2023, EPLAN P8, PSCAD, among others. Equipment such as Thermographic Cameras, Energy Analyzers, High Frequency Earth Clamp Tester, Megometers, Insulation Tester, Electric and Magnetic Field Meters for electrical systems, Calibration Cases for Hexaphase Protection Relays, Test Case for Circuit Breakers and Disconnect Switches (development equipment), equipment for testing transformers and reactors.

We have a high-tech laboratory for the development and validation of studies and projects in substation protection and automation systems.